Real Estate Photography

Savvy Professionals Know that Professional Real Estate Photography Makes a Difference!

Whether you’re listing a residential property for sale or showcasing commercial real estate for lease, a professional experienced in real estate photography can make all the difference.ArchSample1websmall

Kirsten Grupa, a Certified Professional Photographer has over 10 years experience as a professional photographer. In addition, her background as an architectural designer makes her a natural choice for this type of photography. She knows the angles and views that you need to make a space look appealing to a potential client. She knows the techniques necessary to properly light a room for appealing photographs.

Don’t try to do this yourself or allow your listing agent to “snap a few pics” on his or her phone. Great photographs can make all the difference in a listing and a quick sale!¬† ArchSample2websmall

Services begin under $200.

Call Kirsten today to schedule your appointment. 651.748.8779