Family Heritage

Portraits of your family taken on a special day or at a special place with the kids, mom and dad, the family pet, or the whole family together is a true family portrait.  Special places create special moods and tells a lot about the family.  Sanders is willing to go almost anywhere to create that special portrait the family will cherish forever.

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…You wish they would stay this way forever, but time has other plans. A Sanders portrait has a wonderful way of capturing the expressions and beauty of your child. Whether it’s a creatively designed portrait of an expectant mother or a newborn’s hands and feet, your child’s portrait will be a beautiful work of art that adds special warmth and charm to your home.

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Samari 6108

High school graduation is one of the milestones of a teenager’s life. They are busy with everything from homework to extra curricular activities and sports. Sanders captures the true expression and personality of the senior with a mixture of traditional and contemporary poses and locations. Bring your special interests or sports equipment to use as props to make your portraits a true expression of your life. Whether you choose rock walls, sand dunes, gardens, ball fields, or ally-warehouse looks, Sanders is sure to capture your senior year.

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Mississippi Boat House
Fine Art

Sanders fine art prints consist of illustrative studies, botanicals and landscapes created by the artists at Sanders. The images are printed on archival fine art paper and some are enhanced with pastels, charcoals, or colored pencils by Master Artist, Andrea Sanders. They are mounted in a museum mount and come with a certificate of authenticity. Due to the delicate surface of these works, it is highly recommended to have the prints framed by Sanders Portrait Art.

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Sacrifice to the GodsFigure Studies

Figure studies at Sanders showcase the inner beauty of the human form. Andrea creates and environment where a woman can feel comfortable and let her true personality show through. Soft drapes, artistic hats and comfy robes along with secluded woodland retreats, rustic buildings and sand dunes help to crate a piece of fine art suitable for the wall or a coffee table book. Any woman can be the subject of Andrea’s creativity and be proud to won a piece of fine art created of her. These are portraits of a woman, by a woman, for the man in her life.

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…your best friend. Always there…ready to play, to sit quietly, or just to listen. We understand how much a part of the family your pet is and how much you care about him. It’s a wonderful bond that lasts forever. Let us capture the joy, the love, and the loyalty-all special qualities that make your pet unique.

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