The Illustrative Photographer of the Year Award is given to the photographer having the highest total score for their top three prints in the Illustrative category. A minimum score of 240 for the three prints is required. Both Masters and Non-Masters are eligible.

Winner: Renee Gardner – Dubins with a total score of 252

The Minnesota Court of Honor includes the Portrait, Wedding and Illustrative Photographers of the Year and the Student of the Year. Additionally, the Court of Honor includes six more photographers…three Masters and three Non-Masters. These six will be selected on the bases of the next highest total print scores for all four entries, regardless of category.

Masters: Krish Kiefer (306)

Masters: Chris Lommel (308)

Non-Master: Lisa Asp (316)

Non-Master: Keri Michael (312)

Non Master: Dan Grevas (312)

The Dworshak Award, sponsored by the late Louis Dworshak of Duluth, is awarded to the finest portrait of the exhibit and selected by the judges on the basis of overall quality. It may or may not be the highest scoring portrait.

Winner: Sheri Wegner “Checkin it Twice”

The Ellertson Award, named after the late Sal Ellertson, is presented to the best illustrative or commercial/industrial print of the show. Like the Dworshak Award, it is selected by the judges based on overall quality and may or may not be the highest scoring print.

Winner: Renee Gardner Dubin “Immortal Requiem”

The Haga Wedding Award, sponsored by the late Gordon Haga, is given to the top scoring wedding album or print.

Winner: Gina Kieffer “Looking for Guidance”

Minnesota gives two Album Awards each year, one for event coverage and one for non-event. In the event of ties, the judges will select the winner.

Event Winner: Krish Kiefer “Forever Begins to Today”

Non-Event Winner: Krish Kiefer “Emily”

The Student of the Year Award is given to the student with highest total points for entries in the student category.

Winner: Rick Corwine (313)

Additional Awards

To present our final awards, please welcome back MNPPA President Jen Thompson.

The Lundgren Scholarship is given to an individual who is new or just starting out in photography. Nominations are received and voted on by past presidents of the MNPPA.

Winner: Amy Pawelk

Photographers who have achieved the status of Certified Professional Photographer are eligible to receive the CPP Award which is given to the photographer with the highest scoring print.

Winner: Keri Michael “Age of Innocence”

Kodak has been presenting its prestigious Kodak Gallery Awards for excellence for several years. Judges select the winners from entries that have scored 80 or higher and have been printed on Kodak paper. This year, Kodak is presenting two awards, one to a MNPPA photographer and one to a TCPPA photographer.

MNPPA: Renee Gardner-Dubins “Allure of Harvest”

The Fuji Masterpiece Awards are given in two categories: portrait and wedding. Winners must have used a Fuji camera or Fuji paper in the creation of their image.

Portrait: Sheri Wegner “Checkin it Twice”

Wedding: NONE

Polaroid Prestige – Lisa Asp “Look Mama- Daddy Made the News Again”

ASP – Renee Gardner-Dubins “Allure of the Harvest”