Fall Event - In-Person Sales (Tips and Tricks for Making More Money) - Chris Wooley

From October 30, 2017 10:00 am until 5:00 pm

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Join us at WHCC as Chris Wooley will teach us how to Make More Money in our photography business by implementing In-Person Sales. We’ll be learning how and why the In-Person sales process is used by some of the top photographers in the nation, and how you can implement this process into your photography business - no matter what type of photography you do.

Topics includes:
What is In-Person Sales
How to make more money
Why you should be doing it
The IPS process
Projection Sales
Pricing models
Client education

We’ll also have a round table discussion where you can ask questions and get real world answers. I’ll share tips, tricks, and secrets I’ve learned from doing IPS over the last 10 years. And best of all, learn how to increase your sales without being a pushy salesman.

Walk away with real-world ideas and direction you can implement immediately.

In-Person Sales Class “Take-Aways”

●    Learn the psychology of the salesroom for overcoming objections, pricing your items, and focusing on emotional sales.

●    How to interact with clients to generate increased sales,without being a pushy salesman, by focusing on the client experience.

●    Equipment, Gear, and Sample recommendations for doing In-Person Sales.     Learn what equipment is helpful to the process,  and what not to buy.

In addition to Chris's program we will also be touring WHCC!

Register NOW to ensure your seat!

About Chris

Chris Wooley is a Certified Professional Photographer, the President of the Professional Photographers of Washington, and a photography educator. He has a technical mind with artistic flair, and a background in education. He hosts workshops and online courses focusing on helping photographers hone their craft and improve their business.

Chris is a photographer based out of Washington State, focusing on retro pin-up photography and headshot - www.headsandtailsphoto.com. His Spokane based studio offers a personalized experience for his clients.

When he’s not photographing or teaching, Chris also enjoys directing theatre productions, BBQing with his wife Rachel, and walking his dog, Chewbacca.