Choosing a children’s photographer

From birth to adolescence, your child’s personality and appearance are in constant flux. While your own camera can chronicle many of those fascinating changes as you take snapshots at events and activities throughout the years, there’s nothing quite so special as a series of beautiful, high-quality professional portraits to capture the unique physical and personal characteristics of your children as they grow and develop.

An experienced professional photographer will give you lasting images of your child to display and treasure for a lifetime and beyond. Your portraits will be created with the special lighting, timeless and elegant backgrounds, and attention to detail that will provide you with wonderful mementos of your child’s growing years.

As you consider choosing a photographer, you might start by asking friends and family. If you don’t have a photographer you or someone you know is familiar with, there are many ways to look for examples of the work of photographers in your area. Coming to this Web site is an excellent start. The photographers who are members of the Minnesota Professional Photographers Association are artists who are knowledgeable professionals. The professional credentials listed behind their names say they have been diligent in continuing to learn about the creative trends and technological advances in their field. Many also have received awards in competition for excellence in their craft. Examples of those acclaimed photographs are available for viewing on this site. Take advantage of the links to their Web sites to continue your search for photographers in your area that you want to research.

It’s important that you find a professional photographer whose work reflects the style you want your children’s portraits to have. Visit studios and Web sites to view examples of the wide variety of portrait options they will offer you. Talk to photographers you’re considering to make sure you’re comfortable that the personality of the professional you choose will fit well with your child.


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