Choosing the right wedding photographer:

Congratulations! You’re planning a wedding, and you want to find the right photographer to capture all the beauty and emotion you and your family and friends will share on this most special occasion. An experienced professional will ensure that the personal story of your wedding day will be told in portraits you will treasure for a lifetime.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a personal decision that starts with researching your options. Just as shopping for the right gown, reception venue and florist is important to making your wedding day perfect, taking time to choose the best photographer is crucial to giving you a photographic keepsake of all those perfect details. One way to start is to ask friends for recommendations about wedding photographers with which they have had both personal and positive experience.

Coming to this Web site is another excellent way to begin your search. The photographers who are members of the Minnesota Professional Photographers Association are artists who are knowledgeable professionals. The professional credentials listed behind their names say they have been diligent in continuing to learn about the creative trends and technological advances in their field. Many also have received awards in competition for their excellence in their craft. Many of those winning photographs are available for viewing on this site.

It also is a good idea to visit Web sites of photographers in your area and to study their style. Look for sites that give you a comprehensive look at a few weddings rather than one or two photographs from many weddings. Any photographer can have a couple of good shots from a wedding day, but capturing the personality of the wedding experience from beginning to end is more challenging and more important.

Once you’ve chosen the photographers you believe could be right for you, schedule appointments to meet with them personally and to view a few of their wedding albums. You’ll want to be sure to choose a photographer whose personality and vision for chronicling your wedding day fits well with yours. Many couples today are looking for a photographer who can offer images in a photo-journalistic style as well as the traditional posed photographs. Fortunately today’s professional photography studios often offer a mix of photography in their wedding coverage.

It’s important to understand that candid photographs in a photo-journalistic style are taken without the aid of the creative lighting, camera settings and backgrounds that provide the beautiful expression that trained, professional photographers elicit in their formal portraits. You can have the best of both worlds by choosing a photographer who can capture the beauty and elegance of the day as well as the fun and exciting moments.

You also will want to talk with your photographer about what you plan to do with your wedding portraits. Professional photography studios offer beautiful framed portraiture that you can display in your home, As well as options for photo books with individual portraits or graphically designed books that offer a wonderfully personal story of all the details of your wedding day. Professional photographers a wide array of specialized services that will enhance your photographs, including blemish retouching, color effects, vignetting and other art work.

Consider also the opportunity your wedding day offers to have professional photographs taken of family groups and other special guests. You’ll want to talk about different “packages” of coverage and portraiture that are available to help you make the most of this important event. Good wedding photographers will have suggestions for creative options that will best tell your wedding story and save your memories of what always will be one of the most special days of your life.


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